Somebodies Season 1 (2008)

Somebodies Season 1SOMEBODIES tells the story of Scottie, an everyday, party-hopping, church-going, African-American undergraduate student looking for a good time with his friends and a little luck with the ladies. Unfortunately for Scottie, his path to peace of mind is fraught with a fire-and-brimstone preacher (Reverend Hill), fun-loving friends and fellow students (Tory, Jelly, Marlo, and Six), an eccentric southern family (Aunt Agnes, Uncle Skeeter and Uncle Charles) and a sexy young woman (Diva) who, like everyone else in his life, may have a screw or two loose.

Tune in weekly for this unconventional, smart and honest comedy about a laidback college student trying to make sense of the world and the offbeat friends and family, around him.

Each episode will be complete in and of itself. Major characters – Scottie, the guys, Diva, and Reverend Hill – will appear in each episode, and these characters will continue to develop in unexpected ways, growing more layered with each episode. New characters will come and go, weaving in and out the SOMEBODIES world.

Somebodies Season 1 (2008) Episode List:

Somebodies S01E01 - Reflection
Somebodies S01E02 - Anytime Minutes
Somebodies S01E03 - Money Touch
Somebodies S01E04 - Taste Test
Somebodies S01E05 - Anger Management
Somebodies S01E06 - Dad-O-Lantern
Somebodies S01E07 - Ami Aggin
Somebodies S01E08 - You Motherpunkers
Somebodies S01E09 - Giving Back Pt. 1
Somebodies S01E10 - Giving Back Pt. 2
[Airing: Tuesday | Status:Pending]

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