Desperate Housewives Season 6 (2009)

Desperate Housewives Season 6 (2009) promoDesperate Housewives Season 6 (2009) Episode List:

Desperate Housewives S06E01 - Nice Is Different Than Good
Desperate Housewives S06E02 - Being Alive
Desperate Housewives S06E03 - Never Judge A Lady By Her Lover
Desperate Housewives S06E04 - The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues
Desperate Housewives S06E05 - Everybody Ought to Have a Maid
Desperate Housewives S06E06 - Don't Walk On The Grass
Desperate Housewives S06E07 - Careful The Things You Say
Desperate Housewives S06E08 - The Coffee Cup
Desperate Housewives S06E09 - Would I Think of Suicide?
Desperate Housewives S06E10 - Boom Crunch
Desperate Housewives S06E11 - If...
Desperate Housewives S06E12 - You Gotta Get a Gimmick
Desperate Housewives S06E13 - How About a Friendly Shrink?
Desperate Housewives S06E14 - The Glamorous Life
Desperate Housewives S06E15 - Lovely
Desperate Housewives S06E16 - The Chase
Desperate Housewives S06E17 - Chromolume No. 7
Desperate Housewives S06E18 - My Two Young Men
Desperate Housewives S06E19 - We All Deserve to Die
Desperate Housewives S06E20 - Epiphany
Desperate Housewives S06E21 - A Little Night Music
Desperate Housewives S06E22 - The Ballad of Booth
Desperate Housewives S06E23 - I Guess This is Goodbye

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Episode Summary:

E01: Nice Is Different Than Good
– Mike gets married and his bride is finally revealed — will it be Katherine or Susan? Meanwhile, Lynette deals with the realities of being pregnant again; Bree works to break free from Orson; Gaby is tested by Carlos’ niece who continues to stay with them; and a new family with dark secrets moves to Wisteria.

E02: Being Alive
– Mrs. McCluskey falls for a steak salesman called Roy Handler. Julie is found unconscious in the park bushes, which questions Mrs. McCluskey’s decision to tell the police that she saw Angie Bolen’s 19-year-old son, Danny, fighting with Julie.

E03: Never Judge A Lady By Her Lover
- Gaby reunites with her ex-lover/gardener, John Rowland, in a chance encounter. Bree contemplates taking Karl on a weekend getaway. Lynette and Tom break the news to their kids that she’s pregnant again. Susan is convinced her daughter was attacked by Angie’s son.

E04: The God-Why-Don’t-You-Love-Me Blues
– Having lost Mike has taken its toll on Katherine, as Bree comes to her aid as she unravels. Elsewhere, Gaby has grown weary of John’s intentions with Ana, Susan discovers that Julie has been keeping secrets and Angie throws her son, Danny, a party.

E05: Everybody Ought to Have a Maid
– When Juanita's party is on the verge of being ruined after Gaby is deemed a bad mom, Gaby is determined to prove she's a responsible parent; Bree gets defensive when she's judged by a motel maid for having an affair with Karl; Lynette is put off by her new handyman when he defers to Tom for approval on all things; and Susan and Katherine come to blows over Mike.
Meanwhile, a lapse in judgment on Danny's part leads to a terrible mishap that Angie and Nick must cover up.

E06: Don't Walk On The Grass
– As Bree drifts further from Orson, Bree starts to fall for Karl. Katherine continues sadly to seduce Mike, as her conflict with Susan continues to grow. Meanwhile, Juanita gets expelled from school thanks to Gaby, Lynette discovers that Tom is cheating on his mid-term, and Angie keeps the truth about her mother a secret.

E07: Careful The Things You Say
– Susan believes Katherine may have been Julie’s assailant, but Lynette has her own suspicions regarding who may have strangled her. In the meantime, Gabrielle struggles to homeschool her daughter Juanita. The Bolens invite the Hodges over for dinner, and Angie confronts her husband about a secret he seems to be withholding from her.

E08: The Coffee Cup
– Susan discovers a surprising connection between her husband and Katherine Mayfair, which leads her to question her relationship with Mike. Meanwhile, Gabrielle will stop at nothing to get her daughter Juanita in Catholic school, and Lynette’s pregnancy becomes impossible to hide. As Bree tries to hide her infidelity, Angie uncovers the truth about Orson and Bree’s less than perfect marriage.

E09: Would I Think of Suicide?
– Angie decides it’s time for her and her family to leave Wisteria Lane considering another attack may occur, while Bree’s affair with Karl becomes harder to keep a secret and results in Bree and Susan literally up in each other’s arms. Meanwhile, a rift with Gaby is caused by Lynette’s pregnancy, and the result of a confrontation between Mike and Katherine is a harmful and unexpected blow.

E10: Boom Crunch
– Gabrielle and Lynette’s friendship is on the brink of collapse, whereas Bree and Orson come to an agreement about their marriage. Meanwhile, Susan hatches a plan to help an irrational Katherine, and Danny’s vital mistake might cost Angie her freedom. In the meantime, Christmas cheer is curtailed when disaster strikes, as a plane crashes down on Wisteria Lane, putting lives in peril.

E11: If...
– In the aftermath of the plane crash, the residents of Wisteria Lane reflect on what their lives might have been had they made different choices: Susan contemplates a life with Karl had he not walked out on her, and Bree considers life without Orson. Lynette thinks about a future with her unborn twins, whereas Carlos reflects on how Gabrielle would be as an over-protective mom, and Angie ponders the consequences should her secrets be revealed.

E12: You Gotta Get a Gimmick
– Susan turns up the heat for Mike while Bree learns that it won’t be easy to take back the hurt she’s caused Orson. Meanwhile, Lynette uncovers the true intentions Tom has, while Gaby is forced to examine the feelings she’s suppressed about her heritage.

E13: How About a Friendly Shrink?
– Lynette balks at the idea of seeing a couples’ therapist. In the meantime, Katherine is seeing her own psychiatrist, whereas Gabrielle and Susan are determined to find out which of their kids are in the smartest math group at school, Orson makes life harder for Bree and Angie disapproves of Danny’s new girlfriend.

Ep. 14: The Glamorous Life
- Gaby and Angie challenge each other’s parenting skills, Susan befriends a stripper and takes her under her wing, Lynette and Tom argue the merits of their new therapist, and a concerned Bree keeps a watchful eye on Orson for fear he may take his own life.

Ep. 15: Lovely
- Former exotic dancer Robin will have a profound effect on Susan’s friends with three teenage boys at home, Lynette will keep a watchful eye; Bree picks up a few tricks to engage Orson; Gaby looks for help with troublesome niece Ana; and Katherine will find a friendly companion.

Ep. 16: The Chase
– Having never had the chicken pox herself, Gaby stays with Tuc and Bob and is reminded of what it’s like to be single again; Lynette and Tom forget Penny’s birthday; Bree hires a promising new employee; Susan cheats on Mrs. McKluskey; Katherine makes a surprising discovery; and Angie grows concerned over Danny’s disappearance.

Ep. 17: Chromolume No. 7
– While in the Big Apple, a chance encounter with supermodels Heidi Klum and Paulina Porizkova leads Gaby to an unexpected revelation about herself. Meanwhile, Lynette and Tom are in for a big surprise when Preston returns from Europe; Mike is determined to show Susan what a man he is after feeling emasculated; Bree discovers a shocking connection to her new employee, Sam; and Katherine is confused over her feelings for Robin.

Ep. 18: My Two Young Men
– John Barrowman makes his way to Wisteria Lane. Angie’s ex-boyfriend, Patrick, emerges after her trip to New York. Meanwhile it’s game on between Gaby and Susan, as they go to shameless lengths to top each other’s kids; Lynette believes there’s more to Preston’s fiance than she’s letting on; Bree invites Sam over for a family dinner; and Katherine comes out of the closet.

Ep. 19: We All Deserve to Die
– Lynette learns the truth about her future daughter-in-law Irina; Susan tries to help Mike with his finances; Gaby offers to help out fellow neighbors Bob and Lee but doesn’t consider the consequences;Bree questions Sams motives;and unbeknownst to Angie, Danny meets Patrick for the first time.

Ep. 20: Epiphany
– The ladies of Wisteria Lane have shown kindness to the neighborhood strangler;Gaby and Carlos shown him how to be intimate in bed; some dating advice and a job offer from Bree; he was shown kindness and generosity from Lynette; and Susan encouraged his passion for art and Bree offered him a job and some dating advice.

Ep. 21: A Little Night Music
– Angie comes face to face with her ex, Patrick Logan, after years on the run. Meanwhile, Gaby and Susan plan an elaborate scheme against their husbands, Lynette sees a darker side of Eddie, and Bree meets a woman who knows Sam all too well.

Ep. 22: The Ballad of Booth
– Lynette comes to a shocking realization about Eddie. Meanwhile, Angie discreetly relies on Gaby for help when Patrick threatens the life of her son; Bree offers Sam a generous payoff to walk away; and Susan and Mike’s financial woes result in the ultimate sacrifice.

Ep. 23: I Guess This is Goodbye
– As a season of mysteries are resolved, new ones emerge on the explosive SEASON FINALE. Gaby risks her safety to help Angie, the fates of Lynette and her unborn child lie in Eddie’s hands, Susan comes to grips with her financial woes, Bree considers confessing a secret she’s harbored for years, and Angie must submit to Patrick’s demands in order to protect her son.

Gossip Girl Season 3 (2009)

Gossip Girl Season 3 (2009) Episode List:

Gossip Girl S03E01 - Reversals Of Fortune
Gossip Girl S03E02 - The Freshmen
Gossip Girl S03E03 - The Lost Boy
Gossip Girl S03E04 - Dan de Fleurette
Gossip Girl S03E05 - Rufus Getting Married
Gossip Girl S03E06 - Enough About Eve
Gossip Girl S03E07 - How To Succeed In Bassness
Gossip Girl S03E08 - The Grandfather: Part II
Gossip Girl S03E09 - They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?
Gossip Girl S03E10 - The Last Days Of Disco Stick
Gossip Girl S03E11 - The Treasure of Serena Madre
Gossip Girl S03E12 - The Debarted
Gossip Girl S03E13 - The Hurt Locket
Gossip Girl S03E14 - The Lady Vanished
Gossip Girl S03E15 - The Sixteen Year Old Virgin
Gossip Girl S03E16 - The Empire Strikes Jack
Gossip Girl S03E17 - Inglourious Bassterds
Gossip Girl S03E18 - The Unblairable Lightness of Being
Gossip Girl S03E19 - Dr. Estrangeloved
Gossip Girl S03E20 - It’s A Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World
Gossip Girl S03E21 - Ex-Husbands And Wives
Gossip Girl S03E22 - Last Tango, Then Paris
[End Season]

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Survivor Season 20 - Heroes vs. Villains (2010)

Survivor Season 20 - Heroes vs. Villains (2010)

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains is the twentieth season of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor. It premiered on February 11, 2010 with a 2-hour special premiere.

Sandra Diaz-Twine became the first two-time Survivor winner. She defeated Parvati Shallow and Russell Hantz with a vote of 6–3–0. Hantz, for the second consecutive season, was voted by fans to win "Sprint Player of the Season" award and the US$100,000 prize that went with it, earning the fans' vote over Rupert Boneham.

Episode List:

Survivor S20E01 - Slay Everyone, Trust No One
Survivor S20E02 - It's Getting the Best of Me
Survivor S20E03 - That Girl is Like a Virus
Survivor S20E04 - Tonight, We Make Our Move
Survivor S20E05 - Knights of the Round Table
Survivor S20E06 - Banana Etiquette
Survivor S20E07 - I'm Not a Good Villain
Survivor S20E08 - Expectations
Survivor S20E09 - Survivor History
Survivor S20E10 - Going Down in Flames
Survivor S20E11 - Jumping Ship
Survivor S20E12 - A Sinking Ship
Survivor S20E13 - Loose Lips Sink Ships
Survivor S20E14 - Anything Could Happen
Survivor S20E15 - Reunion


Ep.01 - Slay Everyone, Trust No One
Twenty of the most beloved champions and most hated, deceptive villains from the 19-season run of Survivor head to Samoa, where injuries threaten to send two castaways home in one of the most physical reward challenges ever played.

Ep.02 - It's Getting the Best of Me
Boston Rob passes out in the jungle and requires medical assistance. At tribal council, secrets and strategies are revealed that threaten the well-being of one tribe. One person is voted out of the game.

Ep.03 - That Girl is Like a Virus
James gets overly physical in a challenge, and a female castaway targets a threat to herself and seeks to oust her rival. At tribal council, another person is voted out of the game.

Ep.04 - Tonight, We Make Our Move
The two tribes each search for a hidden immunity idol within their respective camps. Meanwhile, Coach believes everyone is against him, and the Villains get frustrated with Russell. At tribal council, another castaway is voted out of the game.

Ep.05 - Knights of the Round Table
No summary for this episode

Ep.06 - Banana Etiquette
The Heroes return from Tribal Council and Colby is happy with J.T.’s choice to go against his alliance to vote out Cirie. Rupert and Amanda, on the other hand, are not so happy about it and Amanda starts to lose her trust with him. Over on the Villains beach, Coach leads the tribe in meditation while Russell searches for the immunity idol and finds it. During the Reward Challenge, James injures his knee and is forced to sit out, but in the end the Villains win a chocolate feast. While the other Villains enjoy a swim, Russell tells Parvati and Coach he has the idol, and a new alliance is created. On the Heroes beach, James returns with a bandage around his knee and is allowed to stay in the game for the Immunity Challenge. The Villains win immunity again and when the Heroes return to camp, they scramble to talk to each other about the vote. Colby and Tom’s alliance think the most logical choice is to vote out James, but Amanda and Rupert’s alliance want Tom out.

Ep.07 - I'm Not a Good Villain
The Villains try to recover from a shocking tribal council, and one castaway is hurt by a close ally. Meanwhile, one lucky pair discover the fate of their tribe is in their hands.

Ep.08 - Expectations
No summary for this episode

Ep.09 - Survivor History
J.T. considers giving the hidden immunity idol he found at the Heroes camp to Russell because he thinks the Villains tribe is being run by a strong female alliance and he wants to break it up. At tribal council, another castaway is voted out of the game.

The Heroes and Villains tribes merge, and J.T. is surprised to discover that Parvati is still in the game. Meanwhile, two old friends rekindle an alliance once they are reunited. At tribal council, one castaway is voted out of the game.

Ep.10 - Going Down in Flames
No summary for this episode

Ep.11 - Jumping Ship
Russell starts to lose control of his alliance, and Sandra targets him to be the next person voted out of the game as she strategizes with Rupert.

Ep.12 - A Sinking Ship
The castaways compete in two immunity challenges and attend back-to-back tribal councils.

Ep.13 - Loose Lips Sink Ships
The six remaining castaways compete in a reward challenge to win time with a loved one. In addition, Russell scrambles to form an all-male alliance with Rupert and Colby to combat his former partner Parvati.

Ep.14 - Anything Could Happen
In the season finale, the five remaining castaways attempt to make it to the final tribal council, where the jury questions them before voting for the $1 million winner.

Ep.15 - Reunion
The 20 castaways whose integrity or duplicity marked them as either “Heroes” or “Villians” will be brought together one more time in New York shortly after the reading of the jury votes as they reflect on their time in Upolu, Samoa.

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