CSI Miami Season 7 (2008)

CSI Miami Season 7 (2008)CSI Miami Season 7 (2008) Episode List:

CSI Miami S07E01 - Resurrection (2)
CSI Miami S07E02 - Won't Get Fueled Again
CSI Miami S07E03 - And How Does That Make You Kill?
CSI Miami S07E04 - Raging Cannibal
CSI Miami S07E05 - Bombshell
CSI Miami S07E06 - Wrecking Crew
CSI Miami S07E07 - Cheating Death
CSI Miami S07E08 - Gone Baby Gone
CSI Miami S07E09 - Power Trip
CSI Miami S07E10 - The DeLuca Motel
CSI Miami S07E11 - Tipping Point
CSI Miami S07E12 - Head Case
CSI Miami S07E13 - And They're Offed
CSI Miami S07E14 - Smoke Gets in Your CSI's
CSI Miami S07E15 - Presumed Guilty
CSI Miami S07E16 - Sink or Swim
CSI Miami S07E17 - Divorce Party
CSI Miami S07E18 - Flight Risk
CSI Miami S07E19 - Target Specific
CSI Miami S07E20 - Wolfe in Sheep's Clothing (Part 2)
CSI Miami S07E21 - Chip/Tuck
CSI Miami S07E22 - Dead on Arrival
CSI Miami S07E23 - Collateral Damage
CSI Miami S07E24 - Dissolved
CSI Miami S07E25 - Seeing Red (Part 1)

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Captain Power And The Soldiers Of The Future (1987)

Captain Power And The Soldiers Of The Future (1987)

Genre: Science Fiction
No. of episodes: 22
Original run: September 1, 1987 – March 27, 1988

Earth, the 22nd century. The aftermath of the Metal Wars, which led to the subjugation of humanity by intelligent machines. A small unit of human soldiers, survivors of the Metal Wars, lead an underground resistance against the activities of the evil Lord Dread and his monstrous creations, Bio-Dreads, designed to hunt down human survivors and digitize them.


Episode 1: Shattered
Episode 2: The Abyss
Episode 3: Final Stand
Episode 4: Pariah
Episode 5: A Fire in the Dark
Episode 6: The Mirror in Darkness
Episode 7: The Ferryman
Episode 8: And Study War No More
Episode 9: The Intruder
Episode 10: Wardogs
Episode 11: Flame Street
Episode 12: Gemini and Counting
Episode 13: And Madness Shall Reign
Episode 14: Judgement
Episode 15: A Summoning of Thunder: Part 1
Episode 16: A Summoning of Thunder: Part 2
Episode 17: The Eden Road
Episode 18: Freedom One
Episode 19: New Order: The Sky Shall Swallow Them
Episode 20: New Order: The Land Shall Burn
Episode 21: Retribution: Part 1
Episode 22: Retribution: Part 2

~ 1 DVD [AVI Data]

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