Supernatural Season 6 (2010)

Supernatural Season 6 (2010) Episode List:

Supernatural S06E01 - Exile On Main St
Supernatural S06E02 - Two And A Half Men
Supernatural S06E03 - The Third Man
Supernatural S06E04 - Weekend At Bobby’s
Supernatural S06E05 - Live Free Or Twihard
Supernatural S06E06 - You Can't Handle The Truth
Supernatural S06E07 - Family Matters
Supernatural S06E08 - All Dogs Go To Heaven
Supernatural S06E09 - Clap Your Hands If You Believe
Supernatural S06E10 - Caged Heat
Supernatural S06E11 - Appointment In Samarra
Supernatural S06E12 - Like A Virgin
Supernatural S06E13 - Unforgiven
Supernatural S06E14 - Mannequin 3 The Reckoning
Supernatural S06E15 - The French Mistake
Supernatural S06E16 - And Then There Were None
Supernatural S06E17 - My Heart Will Go On
Supernatural S06E18 - Frontierland
Supernatural S06E19 - Mommy Dearest
Supernatural S06E20 - The Man Who Would Be King
Supernatural S06E21 - Let It Bleed
Supernatural S06E22 - The Man Who Knew Too Much

Supernatural S06 Episode Summary

E01: Exile On Main St.
– It’s a year later and Dean has given up hunting and is living with Lisa and her son Ben. Mysteriously freed from his cage in hell, Sam finds Dean and tells him he need to rejoin the fight and introduces Dean to a world — a family — he never even knew existed: the Campbells, his mother’s family, lead by none other than their Grandfather Samuel.

E02: Two And A Half Men
– Sam investigates a case about missing babies whose parents are being murdered. At one of the crime scenes, he discovers a baby that was left behind and calls Dean for help. Reluctant to leave Lisa and Ben, Dean finally agrees to meet Sam and surprises his brother with how parental he has become…. The brothers take the baby to Samuel, who decides to raise it as a hunter, which infuriates Dean. However, before they can decide the baby’s future, a shape-shifter breaks in and attempts to kidnap the baby.

E03: The Third Man
– Sam and Dean call Castiel for help when they investigate a case about several dead police officers who seem to have been killed by the plagues of Egypt. Castiel confirms the staff of Moses was used to kill the cops and tells Sam and Dean that Heaven is in a state of chaos and God’s weapons have been stolen. The three head off to find the thief and come face to face with an old enemy.

E04: Weekend At Bobby’s
– It’s several days in the life of Bobby Singer, when he tries to recover his soul from the demon Crowley, deal with Sam and Dean’s personal issues, cope with an outbreak of international monsters, handle a local woman with a crush, and get a piece of peach cobbler.

E05: Live Free or Twihard
– While investigating a series of murders caused by vampires, one of them feeds Dean his blood. While Dean tries to fight off the compulsion to feed on humans, Samuel arrives with a cure… but it will require the blood of the vampire that converted him.

E06: You Can’t Handle The Truth
– When several people kill themselves after asking for the truth, Sam and Dean investigate and realize that Veritas, an ancient goddess of truth, has been summoned. Her victims die when the hear more truth than they can stand. However, when Dean is cursed, he decides to take advantage of the situation to ask Sam a few questions.

E07: Family Matters
– Dean becomes suspicious of Samuel’s motives, but Sam isn’t sold on the idea that their grandfather is doing anything wrong. The brothers go along on a hunt with Samuel and the other Campbells, but things go terribly awry.

E08: All Dogs Go to Heaven
– Dean and Sam investigate what seems to be a werewolf killing but turns out to be a skinwalker posing as a family dog who is taking revenge on his owner’s enemies.

E09: Clap Your Hands If You Believe
– While Sam and Dean are investigating a UFO sighting, Dean is abducted from a crop circle. However, when he awakens, he discovers he isn’t dealing with aliens, but fairies! Unfortunately, only Dean can see the fairy that keeps attacking him which makes tracing and stopping them difficult.

E10: Caged Heat
– Meg kidnaps Sam and Dean and tries to force them to tell her where Crowley is hiding. Sam makes her a deal – they will help her find Crowley if she promises to torture him for information about how to get Sam’s soul back. Castiel joins the fight but finds it difficult to work with Meg.

E11: Appointment In Samarra
– Dean seeks out Death to help get Sam’s soul back. Death tells Dean he will help Sam if Dean will agree to act as Death for 24 hours. Meanwhile, Sam decides he doesn’t want his soul back and asks Balthazar for a protective spell to keep his soul out of his body. Balthazar tells Sam he needs the blood of his father for the spell to work and since John Winchester is dead, Sam decides Bobby is the next best thing.

E12: Like A Virgin
– Dean and Bobby anxiously wait for Sam to wake up to see if Death was able to restore his soul without causing Sam to lose his mind. Meanwhile, Dean and Bobby investigate a disappearance of virgins and discover dragons are behind the kidnappings. Bobby sends Dean to a doctor who owns the only weapon in the world that can slay a dragon, but Dean must prove himself worthy enough to take it.

E13: Unforgiven
– Sam is lured back to a Rhode Island town where he and Samuel handled a case a year ago… and the monster is still at large, seeking revenge.

E14: Mannequin 3: The Reckoning
– The brothers investigate two murders that appear to have been committed by haunted mannequins. As they try to save a third potential victim, Ben calls Dean and says that they have an emergency at home and Lisa is in danger. Dean takes off, leaving Sam to discover the ghost’s identity.

E15: The French Mistake
– Raphael launches an attack on Castiel and his allies, sending a particularly frightening angelic hitman after Balthazar, Sam, and Dean. In an effort to protect the brothers, Balthazar sends them to an alternate universe where they are the stars of a TV show called Supernatural and they are actors named “Jensen Ackles” and “Jared Padalecki.” The brothers are confused when Castiel appears to be a tweet-happy actor named Misha Collins and Sam is married to Ruby.

E16: And Then There Were None
– Eve, the Mother of All, unleashes a new monster upon the world: a black worm-slug that can enter the brain and force people to kill. Sam and Dean join forces with Bobby and Rufus and track it to a cannery, only to discover that Gwen and Samuel are also there looking for the monster… and none of them know who the monster is inside.

E17: My Heart Will Go On
– After Balthazar changes history and keeps the Titanic from sinking, Fate intervenes and begins killing those that would have died on the ship. Castiel tells Sam and Dean that Fate is very upset with the two of them and the only way they can stay alive is to kill her.

E18: Frontierland
– While searching for a way to defeat Eve, Dean stumbles upon Samuel Colt’s journal in the Campbell library. Realizing Samuel might have the answer to their problems, Sam and Dean ask Castiel to send them back in time so they can meet the man himself. While Sam is a bit reluctant to time travel, Dean is beside himself with excitement to return to the Wild, Wild West.

E19: Mommy Dearest
– Sam, Dean, Bobby and Castiel track Eve to a small town in Oregon. The guys discover the townspeople have been converted to demons, but surprisingly, they all appear to be dying. When they finally do meet Eve, she decides to torture the brothers by bringing back their mother, Mary Winchester, as a demon.

E20: The Man Who Would Be King
– Castiel tells Sam, Dean and Bobby about the war in heaven and how he and Raphael became enemies, but Bobby believes Castiel isn’t being completely honest and is hiding something.

E21: Let It Bleed
– A demon kidnaps Ben and Lisa to get to Dean. Sam and Dean are forced to join with an unlikely ally to free them.

E22: The Man Who Knew Too Much
– The wall comes down in Sam’s head and all hell breaks loose. Dean and Bobby are, for once, at a total loss on how to help him and are forced to stand by and do nothing while Sam breaks. The battle for heaven comes to a head.

Survivor Season 22 - Redemption Island (2011)

Survivor Season 22 - Redemption Island (2011)

Episode 1: You're Looking at the New Leader of Your Tribe
Episode 2: You Own My Vote
Episode 3: Keep Hope Alive
Episode 4: Don't You Work for Me?
Episode 5: We Hate Our Tribe
Episode 6: Their Red-Headed Step Child
Episode 7: It Don't Take a Smart One
Episode 8: This Game Respects Big Moves
Episode 9: The Buddy System
Episode 10: Rice Wars
Episode 11: A Mystery Package
Episode 12: You Mangled My Nets
Episode 13: Too Close For Comfort
Episode 14: Seems Like a No Brainer

~ 2 DVD [AVI Data]
Total Size: 5.66 GB

Desperate Housewives Season 7 (2010)

Desperate Housewives Season 7 (2010) Episode List:

E01 - Remember Paul
E02 - You Must Meet My Wife
E03 - Truly Content
E04 - The Thing That Counts is What's Inside
E05 - Let Me Entertain You
E06 - Excited and Scared
E07 - A Humiliating Business
E08 - Sorry Grateful
E09 - Pleasant Little Kingdom
E10 - Down The Block There’s a Riot
E11 - Assassins
E12 - Where Do I Belong?
E13 - I’m Still Here
E14 - Flashback
E15 - Farewell Letter
E16 - Searching
E17 - Everything’s Different, Nothing’s Changed
E18 - Moments in the Woods
E19 - The Lies Ill-Concealed
E20 - I’ll Swallow Poison on Sunday
E21 - Then I Really Got Scared
E22 - And Lots of Security
E23 - Come on Over for Dinner

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# Desperate Housewives at Wikipedia
# Desperate Housewives (season 7) at Wikipedia

Episode Summary:

E01 Remember Paul – The residents of Wisteria Lane are stunned to discover that Paul Young is out of prison and back in the neighborhood with an enigmatic new wife and seemingly dark motives. Meanwhile, while Paul is renting Susan’s home, she, Mike and MJ are living in an apartment on limited funds. But Susan sees a glimmer of hope in getting her life back on the Lane when she’s offered an unorthodox job by her apartment manager, Maxine; Lynette’s rich and successful college friend, Renee, pays an unexpected visit to the Scavo household; Gabrielle and Carlos find themselves keeping secrets from one another; and Bree, newly single and needing a fresh start after selling her business, finds herself tempted by Keith Austin — the handsome, young handyman she’s hired to update her house.

E02 You Must Meet My Wife – After Renee begins spending a lot of time with Tom, an angry Lynette feels she’s trying to sabotage their marriage; Bree fires Keith without warning when she suddenly finds herself falling for him; Susan is wracked with guilt about lying to Mike about her new, risque side job; Gabrielle rushes to the hospital after learning that Bree accidentally hit Juanita with the car; and Paul introduces the women of Wisteria Lane to his new wife.

E03 Truely Content – Susan discovers that some of her best, sexy internet show moves are being copied by a competitor; Gabrielle hires a private detective to look into an important matter, unbeknownst to Carlos; Lynette is stunned when Tom’s doctor prescribes a rather unorthodox remedy for his depression; and Renee invites a reluctant Bree to go clubbing with her to engage in some local man-hunting.

E04 The Thing That Counts is What’s Inside – Susan is horrified when she discovers that she has become the face of the provocative internet company she’s been secretly working for and is now the cover model for their outdoor billboard ads; Gabrielle tells her coveted secret to the ladies; Renee finds out that Bree is a grandmother and uses it to her advantage in an attempt to steal Keith away and have him for herself; Lynette takes advantage of daughter Penny’s generous offer to help look after the baby; and Paul purchases the home he shared with Mary Alice, against wife Beth’s wishes.

E05 Let Me Entertain You – Susan’s days as a sexy internet sensation may be coming to an end after she angers an important client and incurs the wrath of her boss, Maxine; Renee and Gabrielle are headed for a smackdown after each of them reveals an intimate secret about the other to the wrong people; Bree finds herself exhausted by younger lover Keith’s sexual stamina; Lynette is angry with Tom after he asks his mother to become the baby’s nanny without talking it over with her first; and housewife Emma Graham puts on a cabaret show — with the aid of saxophonist Dave Koz — with surprising results.

E06 Excited and Scared – As Halloween approaches, Susan is forced to reveal her secret, sexy internet side job to a shocked Mike; Juanita becomes suspicious of Gabrielle’s sudden interest in Grace; Lynette becomes concerned about Tom’s mother’s memory lapses; Bree learns a secret about Keith; and Paul is encouraged to take wife Beth out on a date in order to light a spark in their unromantic relationship.

E07 A Humiliating Business – Susan begrudgingly accepts Lynette’s offer to be baby Paige’s nanny; Bree is embarrassed to tell Keith that she’s beginning to go through menopause; Renee makes a tempting job proposition to Lynette; Gabrielle fears that Bob is trying to seduce Carlos after the two strike up a friendship; and Beth begins to question Paul’s motives on the lane.

E08 Sorry Grateful – Thanksgiving on Wisteria Lane finds Gabrielle and Carlos hosting Carmen, Hector and Grace to a bountiful feast. But the Solis’s discover some surprising news about the Sanchez’s that could threaten their time with Grace.
Meanwhile, Bree invites Keith’s parents to partake in Thanksgiving at her house and learns some family secrets; Susan butts heads with Lynette over her sleep training techniques for baby Paige; Renee continues to remind Tom about their past; and Beth tries to uncover more about Paul’s past misdeeds.

E09: Pleasant Little Kingdom – Gabrielle desperately tries to figure out a way to keep Grace in her life; Keith plans a very special dinner with Bree; Tom is angry at Lynette for not disclosing his special attributes to the other ladies; Renee tells Susan a deep, dark secret; and Paul’s plan for Wisteria Lane is revealed.

E10: Down The Block There’s a Riot – Paul’s nefarious plan for Wisteria Lane is put into full effect, Juanita discovers Gaby’s secret, Bree invites Keith to move in with her, and Tom is confronted about his past indiscretion with Renee.

E11: Assassins – Susan’s life hangs in the balance after being trampled by the rioting mob on Wisteria Lane; the fate of Paul Young is revealed following the aftermath of the riot, but who shot him?; Keith moves in with Bree but is shocked when Orson pays a surprise visit; Gaby finds it difficult to purge all traces of Grace from her life in order to repair her relationship with Juanita; and Renee wrestles with telling Lynette the truth about her past with Tom.

E12: Where Do I Belong? – While Susan continues to undergo dialysis, she is stunned when her flighty mother, Sophie, along with her Aunt Claire, pays a visit but won’t agree to get tested to see if she would be a potential kidney donor candidate.
Meanwhile, not knowing where biological daughter Grace is causes Gaby to turn her feelings of loss into an obsession; Lynette exacts revenge on Tom after she learns about his past with Renee, and Bree tries to befriend a friendless Beth Young.

E13: I’m Still Here – Lynette feels her mother, Stella, is marrying Frank – an abrasive and obnoxious man – for all the wrong reasons and tries to talk her out of it. Meanwhile, Susan tries to befriend a curmudgeonly man during her dialysis sessions who has given up on ever finding a kidney donor, Bree runs into Keith’s ex-girlfriend and learns some shocking news about his past, Carlos becomes concerned when he learns about Gaby’s obsession with her doll, Bob and Lee hire a non-maternal Renee to decorate their newly adopted girl’s bedroom, and Paul has other plans in store for Beth when he books a trip for the two of them at a remote cabin in the woods.

E14: Flashback – Lynette fights back when her mother, Stella (Polly Bergen), tries to force the Scavos to pose for a family portrait with her obnoxious new husband, Frank. Meanwhile, Susan is presented with a kidney donation from an unlikely source, Gaby refuses to confront her past while undergoing therapy to discover what’s causing her underlying obsession with her doll, Bree continues to keep the existence of Keith’s son a secret from him, and Mike reaches out to biological son Zach to see if he was involved in adopted father Paul’s shooting.

E15: Farewell Letter – Lynette and Tom feel that it’s time for twins Porter and Preston to move out on their own and learn how to become responsible adults. But the boys end up moving out to a pad that’s a little too close to home. Meanwhile, as part of Gaby’s therapy, she and Carlos pay a visit to her hometown to confront her past and discover that she has left a lasting impression on the town; Keith asks Bree to move to Florida with him to be closer to his son; Susan uses her kidney ailment to garner special treatment in public places; and after sending son Zach to rehab, Paul makes a decision about his life with Beth.

E16: Searching – Susan vows to get the most out of life when she learns that her dialysis isn’t working and that, unless she receives a kidney transplant soon, she will die. Meanwhile, jealous of Lee and Bob’s adopted daughter’s routine for an upcoming school talent show, Gaby pressures Juanita to come up with a number that will outshine everyone; Bree makes it her mission to find a kidney donor for Susan; Lynette puts a plan into action to discourage a clearly non-maternal Renee from adopting a baby; and Beth Young struggles to figure out what to do with her life after Paul kicks her out of the house.

E17: Everything’s Different, Nothing’s Changed – Paul Young stands in the way of Susan getting her much-needed kidney transplant; Lynette is furious with Tom when he passes up a lucrative job opportunity in order to continue working with Carlos out of friendship; Bree becomes concerned over Andrew’s escalating alcohol consumption; and Gaby is shocked when Renee continues as planned with her neighborhood party after the tragic suicide attempt of one of Wisteria Lane’s resident.

E18: Moments in the Woods – Susan begins gambling what little money she and Mike have; Bree tries to stop Andrew from admitting to Carlos that it was he who accidentally killed his mother; Renee introduces Lynette to the world of frivolous and conspicuous consumption.

E19: The Lies Ill-Concealed – Gaby disobeys Carlos’ order not to see Bree after he learns that it was Andrew who killed his mother; Susan dreams about Paul Young after receiving Beth’s kidney; Lynette resents being Tom’s “plus one” at a weekend business conference; and Felicia Tillman tries to get Mrs. McCluskey on her side in her campaign against Paul.

E20: I’ll Swallow Poison on Sunday – With Gabrielle and her girls temporarily staying at Bree’s house, Bree must lay down the law and demand discipline before Juanita and Celia destroy her home.

E21: Then I Really Got Scared – Scared
Paul begins to suspect that Susan is responsible for his rapidly declining health; Lynette and Tom butt heads over where to go on their family vacation, as well as which one of them will set it up; Gaby shows Juanita a horror movie and has to pay the price when her daughter becomes too scared to sleep in her own bed; and Bree runs into some trust issues when she goes out on a date with a detective.

E22: And Lots of Security… – A progressive dinner party thrown for Susan to celebrate her move back onto the lane leads to a shocking murder. Meanwhile, Gaby is stunned to learn the identity of the mysterious man who has been stalking her; Lynette and Tom attempt to put the spark back into their marriage by spending a few days alone together at a romantic B&B; after being placed under arrest for allegedly poisoning Paul, Susan must convince the police that she was being framed for the deed by Felicia; Bree begins to suspect that her new boyfriend may be gay; and Renee is devastated when she learns that her ex-husband is getting re-married.

E23: Come on Over for Dinner – The Wisteria Lane residents each enjoy a progressive dinner; Renee begins a relationship with a bartender; Bree sees a connection with Chuck.

Smallville Season 10 (2010)

Smallville Season 10 (2010) Episode List:

Smallville S09E01 - Lazarus
Smallville S09E02 - Shield
Smallville S09E03 - Supergirl
Smallville S09E04 - Homecoming
Smallville S09E05 - Isis
Smallville S09E06 - Harvest
Smallville S09E07 - Ambush
Smallville S09E08 - Abandoned
Smallville S09E09 - Patriot
Smallville S09E10 - Luthor
Smallville S09E11 - Icarus
Smallville S09E12 - Collateral
Smallville S09E13 - Beacon
Smallville S09E14 - Masquerade
Smallville S09E15 - Fortune
Smallville S09E16 - Scion
Smallville S09E17 - Kent
Smallville S09E18 - Booster
Smallville S09E19 - Dominion
Smallville S09E20 - Prophecy
Smallville S09E21-E22 - Finale

File And Episode Summary


Lazarus – Lois finds Clark’s lifeless body and removes the blue kryptonite enabling him to heal himself. Lois sneaks away before Clark fully awakens in order to protect his secret. Chloe is desperate to find Oliver, so she turns to an unlikely source for answers. Jonathan returns to the Kent Farm with a message for Clark, and Tess awakens in a LuthorCorp lab.


Shield – When Lois leaves for Egypt, Clark gets a new partner: reporter Catherine “Cat” Grant. he soon discovers that she’s been targeted by an assassin who never misses. Meanwhile, Oliver searches for Chloe and Lois commiserates with archaeologist Carter Hall.


Supergirl – Clark is stunned when Kara returns to Earth and tells him Jor-El sent her to stop the dark force that is coming because he doesn’t believe Clark can handle it. Meanwhile, Lois confronts Gordon Godfrey, a shock jock radio DJ who has been crusading against heroes, after he threatens the Green Arrow. However, after Godfrey is possessed by the dark force, he takes Lois hostage and Clark and Kara have to come to her rescue.


Homecoming – In an attempt to cheer up Clark, Lois convinces him to attend their five-year high school reunion. A visit back to the home of the Crows has Clark remembering old times with Lana and Chloe, while Lois is furious that no one remembers her five days as a student. Brainiac 5.0 uses his Legion ring to visit from the future and takes Clark through his past, present and future. He shows Clark what really happened the night Jonathan died, Oliver’s current pain and Clark’s future at the Daily Planet with Lois and his role as Earth’s favorite red and blue superhero.


Isis – Lois decides to tell Clark she knows he’s the Blur, but she accidentally activates an ancient artifact that transforms her into the Goddess Isis, complete with superpowers of her own. Oliver Clark reluctantly decide to ask Tess for help with Lois. Meanwhile, after Cat Grant witnesses Lois as Isis using her superpowers, she decides Lois is the Blur and sets out to prove it.


Harvest – Clark is concerned about Lois’ safety so he diverts her away from covering the Vigilante Registrations Act by suggesting she cover another story. After he comes clean with her, an angry Lois tells him that she can take care of herself, but when a flat tire strands their car in the middle of nowhere, their plans take a turn for the worse and Lois ends up in serious danger. Meanwhile, Tess searches for a cure for Alexander, who is rapidly aging.


Ambush – The General and Lucy Lane decide to drop in on Lois and Clark for a surprise Thanksgiving dinner. Clark and the General get off to a rocky start after Lois’ father bashes the superheroes and tells Clark he is trying to pass a vigilante registration law. Meanwhile, in an effort to stop the vigilante registration act from being passed, Rick Flagg lies to Lucy in order to lure Clark away from the farm long enough for him to assassinate the General. Lois is torn between making her father proud and her love for Clark.


Abandoned – Lois finds a video made for her by her mother, Ella Lane, before she died. After watching the tape, Lois makes a drastic decision about her relationship with Clarkthat takes her to the Fortress, where she comes face to face with Jor-El and Lara.


Patriot – In an effort to protect the rest of the team, Oliver decides to register for the Vigilante Registration Act to see what the government plans to do with the new law. As he suspected, it was a trap to lure superheroes to an undisclosed location where he is confined to a jail and subjected to a battery of brutal tests under the supervision of Col. Slade.


Luthor – Tess discovers that Lionel left his heir a mirror box. When Clark accidentally activates it, he is transported to a twisted parallel dimension where Clark was raised by Lionel Luthor, who is still alive. Meanwhile, Clark Luthor has been transported to Clark’s world, where he plans to escape his dominating father and conquer Earth.


Icarus – The VRA is in full effect and things take an unfortunate turn of events after the Green Arrow tries to stop a mugging but is attacked by citizens for being a super hero. Clark discovers that the civilians who attacked Oliver were all marked with a darkness tattoo. Carter Hall and Star Girl return to help Clark deal with Slade’s re-emergence after he kidnaps Lois.


Collateral – Clark, Oliver, Lois and Dinah are released by the VRA after being captured at Hawkman’s funeral but each of them have flashbacks of Chloe holding them against their will. When Chloe returns, Dinah warns the others that Chloe may now be a traitor. Oliver dismisses her concerns but Clark is unsure if he can trust Chloe after she disappeared without an explanation.


Beacon – Clark is surprised to see Martha on the news speaking at a pro-vigilante rally. However, surprise quickly turns to horror when he and Lois watch as Martha gets shot on national television. Meanwhile, Lionel reveals himself to the world and reclaims LuthorCorp from Tess and Oliver. Lois and Chloe decide to cheer Clark up by showing him videos from thousands of vigilante supporters professing their support for The Blur.


Masquerade – Chloe and Oliver are mistaken for FBI agents investigating Desaad’s recent string of murders and the pair are kidnapped by Desaad’s minions. Desaad tries to infect Chloe with the darkness. Meanwhile, Lois tells Clark he needs to be more careful with his identity and suggests a disguise.


Fortune – Clark and Lois celebrate their bachelor parties, but wake up the next morning with no memories of what happened. As they trace back their steps, they discover that two of their party members got married, Lois bet away her ring, and Clark has a pet lemur.


Scion – Lionel and Tess go head to head in a battle for the Luthor name. Clark and Lois are stunned by Tess’ latest present to them.


Kent – Lois turns to Emil for help after Clark Luthor sends Clark back to the alternate reality, where he encounters an irate Jonathan Kent. Meanwhile, Clark Luthor tells Tess he’ll kill her if she doesn’t take his side.


Booster – After everything that happened with the VRA, Lois tells Clark it’s best to make “Clark Kent” forgettable and awkward so people don’t suspect he’s The Blur. However, the two are stunned when a fame-hungry superhero from the future, Booster Gold, sweeps into town and begins making saves and posing for press ops, completely winning over the city of Metropolis. Booster begins his campaign to take the Blur’s place as the “World’s Greatest Superhero” and tries to charm Lois into writing a story about him, but she’s not having his antics and begins her own campaign for the Blur. During one of Booster’s saves, an alien weapon in the form of a scarab falls from a truck and fuses itself to a boy named Jaime Reyes, turning him into the Blue Beetle. Unfortunately, Jaime is unable to control the suit and Blue Beetle starts attacking Metropolis.


Dominion – Tess learns that General Slade was found unconscious on a street corner, proof that someone has gained access to the Phantom Zone’s escape portal and sent him back. Clark decides to return to the exiled land to make sure other phantoms are not fleeing and is furious when Oliver tricks Clark into taking him along. With Clark’s powers gone, the two are immediately captured by the Zoners who take them to their new leader, Zod, who is thirsting for revenge on Clark for banishing him to this Kryptonian jail. Meanwhile, Lois learns Clark trusted Tess with a secret, but didn’t tell Lois.


Prophecy – Lois walks in Clark’s shoes for a day when Jor-el bestows Clark’s superpowers on her as a wedding gift. But when the Toyman returns to Metropolis it’s Lois who must stop him. Meanwhile, Oliver bumps into Kara while searching for the Bow of Orion.


Finale – After ten years, Clark Kent completes his epic voyage from freshman high school student to the Man of Steel.

Smallville Season 9 (2009)

Smallville Season 9 (2009) Episode List:

Smallville S09E01 - Savior
Smallville S09E02 - Metallo
Smallville S09E03 - Rabid
Smallville S09E04 - Echo
Smallville S09E05 - Roulette
Smallville S09E06 - Crossfire
Smallville S09E07 - Kandor
Smallville S09E08 - Idol
Smallville S09E09 - Pandora
Smallville S09E10 - Disciple
Smallville S09E11 - Absolute Justice
Smallville S09E12 - Warrior
Smallville S09E13 - Persuasion
Smallville S09E14 - Conspiracy
Smallville S09E15 - Escape
Smallville S09E16 - Checkmate
Smallville S09E17 - Upgrade
Smallville S09E18 - Charade
Smallville S09E19 - Sacrifice
Smallville S09E20 - Hostage
Smallville S09E21 - Salvation

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House Season 7 (2010)

Episode List:

House S07E01 - Now What?
House S07E02 - Selfish
House S07E03 - Unwritten
House S07E04 - Massage Therapy
House S07E05 - Unplanned Parenthood
House S07E06 - Office Politics
House S07E07 - A Pox on Our House
House S07E08 - Small Sacrifices
House S07E09 - Larger Than Life
House S07E10 - Carrot or Stick
House S07E11 - Family Practice
House S07E12 - You Must Remember This
House S07E13 - Two Stories
House S07E14 - Recession Proof
House S07E15 - Bombshells
House S07E16 - Out of the Chute
House S07E17 - Fall From Grace
House S07E18 - The Dig
House S07E19 - Last Temptation
House S07E20 - Changes
House S07E21 - The Fix
House S07E22 - After Hours
House S07E23 - Moving On

Episode Summary

E01: Now What?
– House and Cuddy are exploring the ramifications of their declared feelings and attempting to make a real relationship work. Meanwhile, due to a colleague’s illness, Princeton Plainsboro is left without a neurosurgeon on site, threatening the hospital’s accreditation as a Level 1 Trauma Center. As the team attempts treatment to get their sick colleague back to work, they discover there is more to the illness than they originally suspected and turn to House for direction. Instead, House remains elusive, leaving the team on its own.

E02: Selfish
– When Della, a seemingly healthy and active 14-year-old, suddenly collapses during a skateboarding exhibition, House and his team struggle to diagnose her condition and reassure her parents who already have to cope with their son’s terminal illness. After her body rejects a donor lung, and with time running out to save her life, Della’s family is left with little hope of securing a new donor and faced with a seemingly impossible decision regarding the fate of both children. Meanwhile, House tries to appease an elderly father and his son at the clinic, and House and Cuddy begin to face the challenges of taking their romantic relationship into the workplace.

E03: Unwritten
– When Alice, the author of a popular children’s book series, inexplicably suffers from a seizure moments before an attempt to take her own life, the Princeton Plansboro team faces the challenges of evaluating both her underlying medical conditions, as well as her unstable psychological state. Unable to diagnose Alice, House becomes particularly motivated, as he’s a fan of her books, and is convinced that the key to unlocking the mysteries of Alice’s condition lies in the pages of her most recent novel. Meanwhile, House takes Cuddy on a double date with Wilson and his girlfriend, Sam, and makes a discovery that proves that life imitates art as the couple continues to make compromises in order to make their relationship work.

E04: Massage Therapy
– When a patient named Margaret McPherson is admitted to Princeton Plainsboro after suffering severe and uncontrollable vomiting, House and the team make unexpected discoveries about her identity as they assess her symptoms. When the symptoms don’t improve, the team looks to the patient’s medical history to unearth more about her past. Meanwhile, House gives Chase’s new hire a cold welcome, and a visit from House’s massage therapist forces House and Cuddy to confront the reservations in their relationship.

E05: Unplanned Parenthood
– After a newborn experiences inexplicable breathing problems and liver failure, House and the team look at the baby’s mother, Abbey’s, own medical history for possible clues. When the team makes a discovery about her newborn’s health, Abbey is presented with a difficult decision that could potentially affect both her baby’s health and her own. Meanwhile, following Cuddy’s directive, House challenges Foreman and Taub to hire a female doctor to join the team. When Cuddy asks House to babysit her daughter, both House and Wilson learn a few hard lessons in parenting.

E06: Office Politics
– It’s election season, and in the midst of a tight campaign, an incumbent New Jersey senator’s campaign manager falls ill with liver failure and temporary paralysis. Cuddy pushes House to add a female doctor to his team by hiring brilliant third-year medical student Martha Masters in Thirteen’s absence. House and the team are wary of the young doctor’s lack of experience and medical perspective, but are forced to give their new by-the-book teammate a chance to prove herself. After the campaigning senator makes a surprising announcement, House and the team look to the candidate to find clues about the patient’s condition. Meanwhile, Foreman learns that Taub has a past connection to Masters, and in an effort to save his patient’s life, House must make a critical decision that may compromise his relationship with Cuddy.

E07: A Pox on Our House
– After a 200-year-old medicine jar found on an off-shore shipwreck shatters in a teenage girl’s palm, she is admitted to Princeton Plainsboro for symptoms closely linked to smallpox. When the Center for Disease Control’s Dr. Dave Broda institutes a lockdown on the hospital and suspends House’s team’s ability to diagnose, Masters grows suspicious of Broda’s motives and becomes convinced that the patient is suffering from a different disease. The girl’s father soon experiences similar symptoms, and House is forced to make a precarious decision that puts his own life in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Wilson and Sam comfort a 6-year-old chemotherapy patient who prompts them to examine their relationship.

E08: Small Sacrifices
– Science and faith are called into question when a patient is admitted to the hospital following his reenactment of the Crucifixion. Meanwhile, Taub questions his wife, Rachel, about her relationship with an infidelity support group member, and the team attends a co-worker’s wedding where Wilson’s relationship with Sam takes an unexpected turn.

E09: Larger Than Life
– A subway hero collapses after saving a woman, and is brought to the hospital. House dismisses heroism as stupidity, but is unable to determine the man’s illness. Meanwhile, Cuddy’s mother comes to see her daughter and her new boyfriend, and Taub discovers that a new billboard with his face has aroused his wife’s libido.

E10: Carrot or Stick
– House and the team try to link symptoms of a teenage military recruit and his drill sergeant; House secretly helps Cuddy’s daughter get into a prestigious preschool; someone posted a disparaging photo of Chase on a social-networking site.

E11: Family Practice
– Cuddy’s mother, Arlene, is admitted to Princeton Plansboro after complaining about unusual symptoms, but stubborn Arlene insists that House be removed from the case, forcing House to come up with non-conventional – and illegal – means to treat his patient. House instructs his team to follow his lead, and they discover details in Arlene’s personal life that she kept secret from Cuddy and her sister Lucinda. Meanwhile, Taub’s ex-wife, Rachel, puts him in contact with her brother who hires Taub to work a job on the side in exchange for much-needed income, which winds up taking a physical and emotional toll on him. Later, Cuddy places her trust in House to ensure that her mother receives the proper medical treatment, leading “by the book” medical student Masters to reevaluate her responsibility to practice within a code of ethics and to follow her boss’ orders.

E12: You Must Remember This
– When a waitress with a perfect memory suffers temporary paralysis, her older sister visits her in the hospital, which triggers high stress levels and even more health complications. The patient’s sharp memory proves detrimental when a grudge she’s been holding against her sibling gets in the way of receiving proper medical treatment, and Masters discovers that patching a broken sisterhood may prove to be more complex than diagnosing the patient. Meanwhile, Foreman volunteers to help Taub prepare for a medical examination, and House, determined to help Wilson get back in the dating scene, discovers Wilson’s secret new companion.

E13: Two Stories
– House participates in a school’s Career Day and breaks a few rules by sharing explicit medical stories. Waiting outside the principal’s office, he meets two fifth-grade students who assess House’s relationship woes and try to help him understand how his selfish antics get in the way of showing Cuddy how he really feels..

E14: Recession Proof
– A former real estate agent loses his job in the recession and conceals it from his wife, secretly taking a job as a janitor to make ends meet. He suffers from a high fever and swollen joints, and the team tries to determine which job caused his symptoms. Meanwhile, House tries to make a charity gala in Cuddy’s honor “fun,” Masters and Chase argue over honesty with one’s spouse, and Taub and Foreman adjust to being roommates.

E15: Bombshells
– Tension reaches new heights when Cuddy faces sobering news that propels her to reevaluate her priorities. While House is distracted by his concern for Cuddy’s well-being, the team treats a teenage patient whose worsening symptoms and suspicious body scars indicate more than just physical illness. Sensing the teen’s troubled emotional and mental state, Taub turns to the patient’s personal life for clues and uncovers disturbing home videos that could put the lives of his peers in danger. Meanwhile, Cuddy remains hopeful that House will be fully present when she needs him most, and a series of dreams, including a musical scene choreographed by Mia Michaels, provide glimpses into her life and her relationship with House.

E16: Out of the Chute
– A champion bull rider is attacked by a bull, but when he’s taken to the hospital, it’s clear that there is a deeper underlying medical problem. The team tries to diagnose without House’s presence, since he’s gone to a hotel to get over his breakup with Cuddy by hiring in a parade of hookers. As the patient’s symptoms grow worse, the team wonders if House’s judgment is impaired as he proposes progressively more dangerous diagnostic techniques.

E17: Fall From Grace
– A 23-year-old homeless man is admitted to the hospital with a skewed sense of smell, which soon turns into gastrointestinal bleeding. The man refuses to tell the team anything, making it difficult to diagnose him. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of his breakup with Cuddy, House decides to marry a much younger woman to help her get a green card… or so he claims.

E18: The Dig
– After learning that Thirteen spent time in prison, House tries to figure out why she was incarcerated; the team makes a discovery about a teacher who has severe respiratory problems.

E19: Last Temptation
– Masters faces a career crossroads on her last day as a medical student and struggles with the choice to continue on the path to become a surgeon or to accept the rare opportunity to join House’s team officially. Meanwhile, the team treats a 16-year-old girl who inexplicably collapsed days before embarking on an ambitious sailing tour around the globe. Despite the patient’s life-changing diagnosis, the patient’s family insists on getting her back on the seas in time for her potentially record-breaking launch. But to the team’s surprise, including House, Masters makes a bold decision regarding the patient’s treatment.

E20: Changes
– After suffering partial paralysis while searching for a long-lost love, lottery winner Cyrus Harry is brought to Princeton Plainsboro for treatment by House and the team. Cuddy’s mother threatens to sue the hospital for malpractice, jeopardizing both Cuddy and House’s medical licenses. Chase and Foreman make a bet that tests each one in different ways.

E21: The Fix
– House attempts to resuscitate the career of a washed-up boxer (Kevin Phillips) following a disputed wager with Wilson. Meanwhile, the team suspects that House might have another kind of drug problem.

E22: After Hours
– Thirteen’s friend and former ex-con arrives at Thirteen’s apartment unannounced and in need of urgent medical attention. When she finds out that her friend has relapsed into drug use, Thirteen promises not to take her to the hospital where the cops could find her and instead turns to Chase in desperation. Meanwhile, House deals with devastating information, and Taub begins to come to terms with surprising news.

E23: Moving On
– Well-known performance artist Afsoun Hamidi is admitted to the hospital, but when the team learns that her symptoms may have been self-inflicted as part of a documentary for her latest performance piece, they begin to question whether treatments are necessary and if they are unwittingly participating in the creation of a piece of her art. Meanwhile, a situation prompts House to do something very unexpected, a move that could change his relationship with Cuddy and Wilson permanently.

CSI Miami Season 9 (2010)

CSI Miami Season 9 (2010)

Episode List:
01 - Fallen (Part 2)
02 - Sudden Death
03 - See No Evil
04 - Manhunt
05 - Sleepless In Miami
06 - Reality Kills
07 - On The Hook
08 - Happy Birthday
09 - Blood Sugar
10 - Match Made In Hell
11 - F-T-F
12 - Wheels Up
13 - Last Stand
14 - Stoned Cold
15 - Blood Lust
16 - Hunting Ground
17 - Special Delivery
18 - About Face
19 - Caged
20 - Paint It Black
21 - G.O.
22 - Mayday (Part 1)

Glee Season 2 (2010)

Glee Season 2 (2010)

Episode List:
Glee S02E01 - Audition
Glee S02E02 - Britney/Brittany
Glee S02E03 - Grilled Cheesus
Glee S02E04 - Duets
Glee S02E05 - The Rocky Horror Glee Show
Glee S02E06 - Never Been Kissed
Glee S02E07 - The Substitute
Glee S02E08 - Furt
Glee S02E09 - Special Education
Glee S02E10 - A Very Glee Christmas
Glee S02E11 - The Sue Sylvester Shuffle
Glee S02E12 - Silly Love Songs
Glee S02E13 - Comeback
Glee S02E14 - Blame It on the Alcohol
Glee S02E15 - Sexy
Glee S02E16 - Original Song
Glee S02E17 - A Night of Neglect
Glee S02E18 - Born This Way
Glee S02E19 - Rumours
Glee S02E20 - Prom Queen
Glee S02E21 - Funeral
Glee S02E22 - New York

Episode Summary

E01 Audition – After a tough loss at regionals, the glee club returns as the underdogs of McKinley High; Mr. Schuester pushes the students to recruit new members; Rachel and Finn disagree on new recruits.

E02 Britney/Brittany – When Brittany and the gang try to convince Mr. Schuester to let them do a Britney Spears number, he is reluctant to go that edgy. Meanwhile, an insecure Will is curious about Emma’s new beau, Dr. Carl Howell, so he convinces her to bring him in to talk to the kids about dental hygiene. While the dreamy doc inspires the girls to take their dental health more seriously, Will is left feeling worse than before.

E03 Grilled Cheesus – Finn has an existential crisis when he believes he sees the face of Jesus in his grilled cheese sandwich. Meanwhile, the rest of the kids rally around Kurt after he has a crisis of his own that leads to a larger discussion among the group about their own theology.

E04 Duets – The glee club works on a duet assignment, and Finn and Rachel plan to throw the competition so that Sam can have a shot at winning. Meanwhile, a love triangle between Mike, Tina and Artie develops.

E05 The Rocky Horror Glee Show – Will decides to have the glee club perform “The Rocky Horror Show” for the annual school musical after learning of Emma’s newfound love for the cult classic. Despite Sue’s usual scheming, the members of New Directions inject their distinctive style to the show’s timeless tracks.

E06 Never Been Kissed – After the Girls Leave the Glee Club, Mr. Shuester make them do ‘Teenage Dream’ to get the girls back.

E07 The Substitute – When Mr. Schuester gets sick, a substitute teacher takes over his Spanish class and the glee club, and winds up winning over the whole New Directions clan. Meanwhile, when Sue fills in for Principal Figgins as McKinley’s top dog, she tries to flex her power on campus..

E08 Furt – Sue’s “Nazi-hunting” mother, Doris shows up in Lima to check in on her girls. Meanwhile, Kurt makes an important decision after getting pushed to his breaking point, and Rachel and Finn take a big step.

E09 Special Education – New Directions heads to the big Sectionals competition to go head-to-head against the Warblers and the Hipsters. While trouble brews between some of the young couples, Emma and Carl grow closer.

E10 A Very Glee Christmas – Finn tries to bring a little holiday cheer to McKinley High, and Artie discovers that Brittany still believes in Santa. Meanwhile, the teachers pick their Secret Santas, and one manipulative coach rigs the gift-giving in her favor.

E11 The Sue Sylvester Shuffle – A local football championship game takes place and the “Thriller” mash-up is performed during the halftime show. The Cheerios, McKinley High’s cheerleading team, compete at Regionals.

E12 Silly Love Songs – Love is in the air at McKinley High when the glee club sets up a kissing booth for Valentine’s Day. Things don’t go as planned, however, and hearts end up getting broken.

E13 Comeback – Rachel tries to launch a comeback into the McKinley High social stratosphere with a little help from Brittany. Meanwhile, Sam starts a tribute band.

E14 Blame It on the Alcohol – Principal Figgins teaches the student body about the danger of underage drinking, and the glee club is personally touched by the message. Meanwhile, Mr. Schuester and Coach Beiste indulge in a little fun of their own.

E15 Sexy – When free-spirited substitute teacher Holly Holliday fills in for the absent sex-education teacher, she joins forces with Mr. Schuester to teach the kids of New Directions the facts of life. Meanwhile, Emma heads up the Celibacy Club, and she and Dr. Carl address some issues in their personal life

E16 Original Song – With Sue Sylvester coaching Aural Intensity, Blaine and the Warblers’ dynamic set list and tough judges Tammy Jean Albertson and Sister Mary Constance, the kids of New Directions decide the only way to win Regionals is to write and perform their own original songs. Meanwhile, Quinn is hell-bent on getting Finn back and ruling McKinley once again.

E17 A Night of Neglect – Proving that birds of a feather flock together, when another under-the-radar club at McKinley High needs helps raising funds, the glee club signs up to help. But when Sue hears about the show of support, she moves quickly to put the kibosh on it. Meanwhile, relationships are tested and big decisions will be made.

E18 Born This Way – Mr. Schuester teaches the glee club a valuable lesson about self-acceptance and embracing what makes you unique. Meanwhile, Lauren and Quinn go toe-to-toe for the prom queen crown, Ms. Pillsbury confronts her obsessive issues, Rachel struggles with a life-altering decision and Santana has something up her sleeve that could permanently alter the glee club dynamic.

E19 Rumours – Sue takes control of the formerly dormant school newspaper and prints incendiary stories. Meanwhile, April (Kristin Chenoweth) returns and tries to persuade Will to take off with her; and surprising details about Sam’s home life are exposed, gaining him admiration from his classmates.

E20 Prom Queen – When the entertainment for prom falls through, Principal Figgins asks New Directions to perform at the dance – much to prom coordinator Sue’s dismay. Things get heated as the competition for prom.

E21 Funeral – An untimely death rocks McKinley High while New Directions prepares for Nationals in New York City.

E22 New York – The kids of New Directions travel from Lima to New York City to compete in Nationals. While in the Big Apple, they take in all of the sights from Times Square to Broadway to Central Park.

Gossip Girl Season 4 (2010)

Gossip Girl Season 4 (2010) Episode List:

Gossip Girl S04E01 - Belles de Jour
Gossip Girl S04E02 - Double Identity
Gossip Girl S04E03 - The Undergraduates
Gossip Girl S04E04 - Touch Of Eva
Gossip Girl S04E05 - Goodbye, Columbia
Gossip Girl S04E06 - Easy J
Gossip Girl S04E07 - War At The Roses
Gossip Girl S04E08 - Juliet Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
Gossip Girl S04E09 - The Witches Of Bushwick
Gossip Girl S04E10 - Gaslit
Gossip Girl S04E11 - The Townie
Gossip Girl S04E12 - The Kids Are Not All Right
Gossip Girl S04E13 - Damien Darko
Gossip Girl S04E14 - Panic Roommate
Gossip Girl S04E15 - It Girl Happened One Night
Gossip Girl S04E16 - While You Weren't Sleeping
Gossip Girl S04E17 - Empire Of The Son
Gossip Girl S04E18 - The Kids Stay in the Picture
Gossip Girl S04E19 - Petty in Pink
Gossip Girl S04E20 - The Princesses and the Frog
Gossip Girl S04E21 - Shattered Bass
Gossip Girl S04E22 - The Wrong Goodbye

External links:
Gossip Girl (TV series) at Wikipedia
Gossip Girl (season 4) at Wikipedia

Episode Summary:

E01: Belles de Jour
– Blair has spent a fabulous summer in Paris without realizing her former love, Chuck Bass, has been shot. As much as Blair tries to distract herself from the pain Chuck caused her, his mysterious appearance in Paris with a beautiful new woman will force both of them to face what happened. Meanwhile, a newly single Serena has been enjoying a Parisian summer of love with boys, Blair and Balenciaga as she tries to avoid the inevitable decision about which of her two long-time beaus, Dan or Nate , she should return to. Back on the Upper East Side, Nate meets an intriguing girl, Juliet, who helps him realize that his summer of sexual conquests with the help of Chuck’s little black book was his way of avoiding his unresolved feelings for Serena. Meanwhile, Dan’s baby mama drama continues with Georgina. Finally, the van der Woodsen apartment is buzzing with activity as the “Fashion’s Night Out” event is planned.

E02: Double Identity
– Living out a real-life fairytale in Paris, Blair (Leighton Meester) is pursued by a handsome young man, Louis (guest star Hugo Becker), who she suspects is a member of Monaco’s royal family. A very concerned Lily (Kelly Rutherford) asks Serena (Blake Lively) to help her find Chuck (Ed Westwick), who hasn’t been heard from or seen in months. Meanwhile, Chuck Bass is as we’ve never seen him before, adjusting to a fresh start in Paris with a mysterious new woman.

E03: The Undergraduates
– On her first day at Columbia, Blair attempts to gain membership into an ultra-exclusive social club, Hamilton House, but she’s in for a few big surprises. Serena begins to suspect that Juliet is intentionally sabotaging Serena’s life and that it may have something to do with Nate. Rufus is worried about Dan and decides to take matters into his own hands.

E04: Touch of Eva
– Nate decides to confront Juliet when he thinks she is keeping a secret from him; Blair tries to undermine Chuck’s newfound happiness; Dan is torn between his feelings for Serena and Vanessa.

E05: Goodbye, Columbia
– An anonymous Gossip Girl blast starts a very damaging rumor about one of Columbia’s new students, Serena. On her path to greatness, Blair decides to take a class with a powerful businesswoman, Martha, who is guest-lecturing at Columbia, but a mysterious fellow student thwarts her plans to secure the prized position as Martha’s assistant.

E06: Easy J
– Although Blair made it perfectly clear that Little J was no longer welcome in Manhattan after what happened with Chuck, Jenny is tempted by a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Tim Gunn, which could be a game changer for her future. Meanwhile, Serena discovers something about her new boyfriend, Colin, that may put an end to their relationship just as it was getting good.

E07: War At The Roses
– Blair is caught off-guard – and not in a good way – by a surprise guest at her birthday party. Having had enough of Chuck and Blair’s games, Serena and Nate decide to plan an intervention.

E08: Juliet Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
– Chuck and Blair decide it’s in both their best interests to put the past behind them and end their vindictive games.

E09: The Witches of Bushwick
– Chuck hosts a “Saints and Sinners” masquerade party at the Empire Hotel. At the party, Dan and Nate don’t know what to make of Serena’s strange behavior and mixed messages.

E10: Gaslit
– Chuck, Serena, Blair, Dan, Jenny and Eric find themselves faced with a crisis when a member of one of their families is hospitalized. Meanwhile, Nate attempts to help his parents, The Captain and Anne, put their complicated past behind them and reconcile.

E11: The Townie
– Blair and Dan join forces to track down an MIA Juliet. Chuck begins to suspect Lily isn’t telling him the full truth.

E12: The Kids Are Not All Right
– A former associate of Chuck’s father, Russell Thorpe – along with his daughter Raina – returns to Manhattan with some unfinished business for our Upper East Siders. Serena and Chuck join forces against Lily. Blair realizes that her mother, Eleanor, may be her key to becoming a future CEO. Nate worries that his father, The Captain, is having a little too much fun and not taking his parole seriously.

E13: Damien Darko
– Blair is ecstatic to land an internship at W Magazine, but the thrill quickly fades when she finds out that Dan has secured one of the coveted positions as well. Chuck may have finally met his match with Russell Thorpe – and his daughter Raina – back on the Upper East Side. Nate receives alarming news about his father’s business prospects.

E14: Panic Roommate
– Blair enlists Nate’s help to win over her high-strung boss, Epperly, at W Magazine. Damien stirs up more drama on the Upper East Side. Chuck finds himself torn between business and pleasure. Florence and the Machine performs an acoustic version of “Cosmic Love”.

E15: It-Girl Happened One Night
– With Russell Thorpe poised for a takeover attempt of Bass Industries, Chuck makes one last-ditch effort to save his family’s company. Blair is given a challenging assignment at W Magazine with the promise of a possible promotion. Serena struggles with her feelings for Ben.

E16: While You Weren’t Sleeping
– It wouldn’t be a proper Upper East Side party without some major Gossip Girl drama, and for Eric’s 18th birthday celebration there is plenty to go around. Blair decides to speed up the time table on her career path to becoming a powerful woman, but ultimately stretches herself too thin. Serena is forced to choose between her family and Ben. Chuck and Lily’s relationship remains icy in the aftermath of Lily’s betrayal.

E17: Empire Of The Son
– Ben’s mother comes to town, forcing issues to the surface between Ben and Serena. Russell Thorpe is determined to destroy Chuck’s family legacy, but he risks alienating his daughter, Raina, in the process.

E18: The Kids Stay in the Picture
– As Lily awaits the consequences of her decision, William van der Woodsen, CeCe and Lily’s sister, Carol, come into town to support her and be part of a Taschen photo shoot on “modern royalty” in which the Rhodes family is participating. Unbeknownst to Carol, who has always chosen to keep her daughter Charlie far away from the Upper East Side, Charlie has followed her to New York to meet Serena and the rest of the family. Blair has an epiphany about her future, and grapples with the knowledge of whom she’s destined to be with.

E19: Petty in Pink
– Serena enlists Charlie to go undercover Gossip Girl-style to determine why Dan and Blair are spending so much time together, and what role an unexpected visitor is playing in their lives. With Nate’s help, Raina decides to go on a search for her long-lost mother.

E20: The Princesses and the Frog
– Blair gets a shot at happiness—until Serena threatens to shoot it down by bringing up the past. Meanwhile, a questionable friendship develops between Charlie and Vanessa; and as Nate’s romance with Raina grows, he struggles to keep a secret for Chuck.

E21: Shattered Bass
– Uncle Jack returns to town and causes problems for Chuck, as well as those in Chuck’s inner circle. Meanwhile, Blair feels conflicted about her many suitors; and Charlie’s newfound comfort with the Upper East Side is shaken at a charity event.

E22: The Wrong Goodbye
– Season four wraps up with an explosive finale, including the return of Georgina Sparks and Constance Billard mean girls Kati and Is, a cameo by “Gossip Girl” author Cecily von Ziegesar, a performance by Airborne Toxic Event and, oh yeah, a few very juicy cliffhangers.

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Chuck Season 4 (2010)

Chuck Season 4 (2010) Episode List:

Chuck S04E01 - Chuck Versus The Anniversary
Chuck S04E02 - Chuck Versus The Suitcase
Chuck S04E03 - Chuck Versus The Cubic Z
Chuck S04E04 - Chuck Versus The Coup d'Etat
Chuck S04E05 - Chuck Versus The Couch Lock
Chuck S04E06 - Chuck Versus The Aisle Of Terror
Chuck S04E07 - Chuck Versus The First Fight
Chuck S04E08 - Chuck Versus The Fear Of Death
Chuck S04E09 - Chuck Versus Phase Three
Chuck S04E10 - Chuck Versus The Leftovers
Chuck S04E11 - Chuck Versus The Balcony
Chuck S04E12 - Chuck Versus The Gobbler
Chuck S04E13 - Chuck Versus The Push Mix
Chuck S04E14 - Chuck Versus The Seduction Impossible
Chuck S04E15 - Chuck Versus The Cat Squad
Chuck S04E16 - Chuck Versus The Masquerade
Chuck S04E17 - Chuck Versus The First Bank Of Evil
Chuck S04E18 - Chuck Versus The A-Team
Chuck S04E19 - Chuck Versus The Muuurder
Chuck S04E20 - Chuck Versus The Family Volkoff
Chuck S04E21 - Chuck Versus The Wedding Planner
Chuck S04E22 - Chuck Versus Agent X
Chuck S04E23 - Chuck Versus The Last Details
Chuck S04E24 - Chuck Versus The Cliffhanger
[End of season]

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