Dexter Season 3 (2008)

Dexter Season 3 (2008)Dexter Season 3 (2008) Episode List:

Dexter S03E01 - Our Father
Dexter S03E02 - Finding Freebo
Dexter S03E03 - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Dexter S03E04 - All In The Family
Dexter S03E05 - Turning Biminese
Dexter S03E06 - Sí Se Puede
Dexter S03E07 - Easy As Pie
Dexter S03E08 - The Damage A Man Can Do
Dexter S03E09 - About Last Night
Dexter S03E10 - Go Your Own Way
Dexter S03E11 - I Had a Dream
Dexter S03E12 - Do You Take Dexter Morgan?

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Dexter Season 2 (2007)

Dexter Season 2 (2007)Dexter Season 2 (2007) Episode List:

Dexter S02E01 - It's Alive!
Dexter S02E02 - Waiting To Exhale
Dexter S02E03 - An Inconvenient Lie
Dexter S02E04 - See-Through
Dexter S02E05 - The Dark Defender
Dexter S02E06 - Dex, Lies And Videotape
Dexter S02E07 - That Night, A Forest Grew
Dexter S02E08 - Morning Comes
Dexter S02E09 - Resistance Is Futile
Dexter S02E10 - There's Something About Harry
Dexter S02E11 - Left Turn Ahead
Dexter S02E12 - The British Invasion

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Dexter Season 1 (2006)

Dexter Season 1 (2006)Dexter Season 1 (2006) Episode List:

Dexter S01E01 - Dexter
Dexter S01E02 - Crocodile
Dexter S01E03 - Popping Cherry
Dexter S01E04 - Let's Give The Boy A Hand
Dexter S01E05 - Love American Style
Dexter S01E06 - Return To Sender
Dexter S01E07 - Circle Of Friends
Dexter S01E08 - Shrink Wrap
Dexter S01E09 - Father Knows Best
Dexter S01E10 - Seeing Red
Dexter S01E11 - Truth Be Told
Dexter S01E12 - Born Free

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Desperate Housewives Season 4 (2007)

Desperate Housewives Season 4 (2007)Desperate Housewives Season 4 (2007) Episode List:

Desperate Housewives S04E01 - Now You Know
Desperate Housewives S04E02 - Smiles Of A Summer Night
Desperate Housewives S04E03 - The Game
Desperate Housewives S04E04 - If There's Anything I Can't Stand
Desperate Housewives S04E05 - Art Isn't Easy
Desperate Housewives S04E06 - Now I Know, Don't Be Scared
Desperate Housewives S04E07 - You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover
Desperate Housewives S04E08 - Distant Past
Desperate Housewives S04E09 - Something's Coming
Desperate Housewives S04E10 - Welcome To Kanagawa
Desperate Housewives S04E11 - Sunday
Desperate Housewives S04E12 - In Buddy's Eyes
Desperate Housewives S04E13 - Hello, Little Girl
Desperate Housewives S04E14 - Opening Doors
Desperate Housewives S04E15 - Mother Said
Desperate Housewives S04E16 - The Gun Song
Desperate Housewives S04E17 - Free

~ 2 DVDs

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Gossip Girl Season 1 (2007)

Gossip Girl Season 1 (2007)Gossip Girl Season 1 (2007) Episode List:

Gossip Girl S01E01 - Pilot
Gossip Girl S01E02 - The Wild Brunch
Gossip Girl S01E03 - Poison Ivy
Gossip Girl S01E04 - Bad News Blair
Gossip Girl S01E05 - Dare Devil
Gossip Girl S01E06 - The Handmaiden's Tale
Gossip Girl S01E07 - Victor, Victrola
Gossip Girl S01E08 - Seventeen Candles
Gossip Girl S01E09 - Blair Waldorf Must Pie!
Gossip Girl S01E10 - Hi Society
Gossip Girl S01E11 - Roman Holiday
Gossip Girl S01E12 - School Lies
Gossip Girl S01E13 - The Thin Line Between Chuck And Nate
Gossip Girl S01E14 - The Blair Bitch Project
Gossip Girl S01E15 - Desperately Seeking Serena
Gossip Girl S01E16 - All About My Brother
Gossip Girl S01E17 - Woman On The Verge
Gossip Girl S01E18 - Much 'I Do' About Nothing

~ 2 DVDs

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